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LEVEL : intermediate - advanced *

DURATION : 6 hours

CERTIFICATE : Victoria Vynn ABT Accredited certificate

PRICE : group € 150 | individual - 200 €

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS : maximum 6 people

* If you already know the basic principles of proper manicure and want to expand your knowledge and skills of working with a milling machine. This training is just for you!

COMBINED HYBRID MANICURE is an innovative technique for developing cuticles using various tools, mainly based on the operation of a milling machine, application of hybrid varnishes "under the cuticles" which allows visually significantly lengthen the nail plate. Such stylization ensures the possibility of wearing an esthetic manicure for many weeks!


You will discover different types of cutters. You will learn to distinguish between tools and cutters. We will show you how to choose a cutter for different types of tiles and leather. You will learn how to thoroughly develop a nail shaft with a milling machine. You will learn how to apply hybrid varnish precisely under the cuticles and build the nail with the hybrid base and top.


  • disinfection and sterilization, preparation of the workplace

  • discussion of products used during the training

  • indications and contraindications for a combined hybrid manicure

  • preparing the nail plate for a combined hybrid manicure

  • milling operation

  • techniques for precise application of hybrid varnish "under the skins"

  • technique of applying hybrid varnish according to the light line

  • correction of the nail plate shape with a hybrid base and top

  • image elements in social media (nail photos on the web)

At the end of the training you will receive from us a certificate confirming the successful completion of the training and professional educational materials prepared by instructors and trainers from the Training Team Victoria Vynn. They will allow you to consolidate and organize the acquired knowledge.

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