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Gel Polish Top No Wipe Shimmer HOLO Victoria Vynn – 8 ml

Gel Polish Top No Wipe Shimmer HOLO Victoria Vynn – 8 ml


Colorless top with holographic reflections, without a dispersion layer.

Super shiny decorations using tops without a dispersion layer, a perfect addition to minimalist mani-pedi styling

More sparkle!

The SHIMMER effect gently shimmers and shimmers, giving each styling the sparkle beloved this season.

Top SHIMMER is the perfect finish for colorful hybrid nail polishes and French styling.

Shimmer Top no wipe – topcoat with particles


Consistency: medium-thick

Color: clear top with holographic reflections

Application: hybrid, gel, acrylic-gel styling

Final effect: shine with shimmering multi-colored particles

Dispersion layer: no

Solubility in acetone: no


Immediate SHIMMER effect after hardening.

Perfect finish for colored varnishes and French nails.

No matting effect, does not crack, does not chip, does not turn yellow.


Lamp type:

LED 48W, curing time: 60 s

UV 36W, curing time: 120 s


file, milling machine

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