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68W electric file- manicure and pedicure, black- NO NAME

68W electric file- manicure and pedicure, black- NO NAME


M13 is a professional, high-quality milling machine with excellent performance parameters - enormous power and a range of rotations, allowing you to work on both manicure and pedicure, including the preparation of the soles of the feet. It will be perfect both for everyday use in a nail salon and for home use 



One of the important features of the M13 milling machine is its ergonomic design without edges and places that are difficult to access for cleaning, which firstly protects against accidental injuries and, secondly, ensures that the device is kept clean. The ideal weight for such a small size makes the milling machine stable and does not move on the work surface during operation. The metal handle has a perfect ergonomic shape, adapted to every hand. Despite its solid construction, it is not heavy, which means that even long hours of work do not burden the hand or strain the wrist.

Huge power of 68W and smooth speed regulation from 0 to 35,000 provide comfort and guarantee perfect work even in foot treatments.

An additional advantage is the 100% biodegradable box of the device and a free set of cutters included in the set.

The milling machine base has:

ON/OFF button (switch on/off)
HAND/FOOT button (hand/foot pedal control switch)
R/F button, i.e. speed switch (right/left)
manual knob allowing you to set the appropriate rotation speed
LCD display with information about the current cutter rotation speed
holes for cutters used during styling
The set includes:

milling head
milling machine base
pedal to operate the device with your foot
milling machine holder
rubber head support
set of cutters
written guarantee
foot pedal
Technical data:

Input voltage: AC 220V
Output voltage: DC 15.6V
Maximum power: 68W
Revolutions: 0-35,000 revolutions per minute

Length: approx. 13.5 cm
Width: approx. 11 cm
Height: approx. 9 cm
Cable length: approx. 136 cm

Do not run any router with the cutter hole open as this will cause engine failure. The product is intended for professional use.

Keep away from children.

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