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Caps for mani and pedi AllMed 10pcs

Caps for mani and pedi AllMed 10pcs


Abrasive caps for pedicure and manicure  100 0r  150 gradation 10 pcs AlleMed Brown Brown


Are you looking for an abrasive product of the best quality and reliable in every situation? You've come to the right place! Precise, with a long service life and, above all, low pressure!

If you value safety, choose safe hood packages that will guarantee you the highest level of hygiene!

A multifunctional product with the highest quality components, it will not let you down even when working with a very heavy surface.


For a cylindrical cutter.
Very good quality.
Caps perfectly replace files.
Gradation: 150 or 100

Packed in safe packages: 10 pcs

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