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Aurora Dust

Aurora Dust


Victoria Vynn DUST Aurora 0,5g

Classic, mermaid effect, iridescent, it gives every color of hybrid polish the shiny WOW effect. Victoria Vynn art DUST Aurora is the perfect way to add an extra dimension to your nails. It offers a unique, iridescent sparkle that will bring any manicure to life. The powder can be used with either hard gel nails or gel polish color, depending on the desired effect.


  • Make a hybrid, gel or acrylic-gel manicure, apply any color,
  • Apply Top No Wipe Gloss,
  • Cure 20-30sec. LED lamp
  • Immediately rub the Art Dust into the still warm, cured Top No Wipe,
  • Secure the manicure with a top coat and cure.
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