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DRILL BIT Carbide Cyclone 6 mm Victoria Vynn

DRILL BIT Carbide Cyclone 6 mm Victoria Vynn


- Carbide cutter in the shape of a cone.
- Made of sintered carbide, an extremely durable raw material.
- One of the strongest cutters, it will easily and quickly remove hard gel, acrylic-gel and acrylic masses.
- The surface of the cutter has been made with the technique of spiral arrangement of teeth, so that neither the cutter nor the nail plate heats up, and the heat generated during work is quickly dissipated.
- Shape: cone
- Use: for hybrid, gel and acrylic-gel masses.
- Head diameter: 6 mm
- Head length: 14 mm
- Shank diameter: 2.35 mm
- Sharpness level: medium sharp/sharp
- Recommended RPM: 15,000-20,000 RPM*
- For whom. For right-handed people

*Recommended speed to set the cutter to work properly and ensure the safety of the stylist and client.

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