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SOFT GEL TIPS Medium Almond Victoria Vynn 500 pcs

SOFT GEL TIPS Medium Almond Victoria Vynn 500 pcs


A quick, innovative method of extending salon nails using pre-shaped, slightly satin acrylic tips. It is characterized by extremely easy application and natural look of extended nails.

Long Ballerina - pre-shaped, slightly satin acrylic tips. They are characterized by extremely easy application and natural look of extended nails. The package contains sizes from 0 to 9. Tips are packed in a dedicated cardboard box.


     Pre-shaped tips in various shapes and sizes
     Flexible acrylic material
     Thinner and more flexible around the nail folds
     Perfectly shaped side edges
     Natural apex
     Harder and thicker on the free edge
     Easy and fast method
     Durable and resistant to damage


     Taking strong antibiotics and hormonal drugs (they affect the adhesion to the nail plate)
     Damage to the nail plate (e.g. sawn plate, injuries, mechanical damage, hematomas)
     Diseases of nails and periungual folds
     Onychophagia - nail biting - nervous background / neurosis - nail biting
     Convex, club-shaped nail plate
     Nail plate growing strongly downwards
     Very wide nail plate (no proper tip size)



     Prepare the nail plate: shape it, slightly matt it, clean it.
     With a drained brush, avoiding the cuticles, apply PREP TIPS for degreasing to the nails. Allow to evaporate completely, approx. 30 seconds.
     Cover the prepared and degreased nail plate with a thin layer of PRIMER TIPS acid free. Wait approx. 30 sec.*


     Choose the shape and match the appropriate size of SOFT GEL TIPS to the natural plate so that it perfectly covers the entire surface, including the sides of the natural nail.
     Also, use PREP TIPS for degreasing to degrease the underside of all matched tips. Leave until complete evaporation, approx. 30s
     Apply PRIMER TIPS acid free on the bottom of the degreased surface of each tip and wait about 30 seconds.

     Apply a thin layer of GEL TIPS strong foundation to the natural nail plate and to the bottom of the matched tip. ** Do not cure.
     Place the tips on the nail plate near the periungual fold and press it towards the free edge to remove air.
     Pre-cure under a 3W LED lamp for 10 seconds, pressing the tips to the nail plate all the time.
     Cure all 5 nails in a 48 W UV/LED lamp, 60 seconds.
     Wipe off any excess product on the top and bottom of the tips with an alcohol-based lotion.
     Correct the shape of the free edge of the tips.
     Prepare the tips with a file or milling machine at the periungual shafts.
     Buff the entire surface of the tips with a buffer, clean of dust.
     Apply 2 thin layers of any hybrid varnish, cure each of them. ***
     Apply TOP TIPS no wipe, cure 60 sec.

The styling can be removed with a milling machine, file or acetone.

* In the case of a problematic plate, use Acid Primer.
** We recommend using Gel Tips on both surfaces, but you can only apply it to the nail or the bottom of the tip.
*** If you choose a long tip shape, strengthen it with a build-up product (any Victoria Vynn gel system).

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