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Staleks Expert 50/1 cuticle scissors

Staleks Expert 50/1 cuticle scissors


The main thing that you should focus on when choosing Your Perfect Scissors is your comfort.

Now there is no problem in choosing a convenient professional tool. The Expert line represents three versions of one model for cuticle scissors: with a short (SE-50/1), medium (SE-50/2), and an elongated handle (SE-50/3). Focus on the size of your palm so that working with scissors gives you only comfort and pleasure for the perfect result.


  • Accurate and precise cut, impeccable sharpness thanks to the professional, manual sharpening.
  • Protection against damage and corrosion due to polishing with GOI paste.
  • Glossy appearance, polished surface.
  • Tapered blades for easy cuticle access.
  • The classic blade bending radius is for those craftsmen who are used to working with classic scissors.
  • Reduced risk of injury due to additional polishing of the back surface of the blades.
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