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NO.30 IQ Salon Nail Polish Dim Magneta 9ml

NO.30 IQ Salon Nail Polish Dim Magneta 9ml


INTELLIGENT NAIL POLISH iQ Specially developed innovative IQ complex – an intelligent combination of advanced film-forming polymers and plasticizers with synergistic action, ensures long-lasting adhesion to the nail plate and extreme durability of the manicure

– the vegan nail polish formula

– perfect manicure for up to 10-12 days

– saturated, deep, vivid and lasting color

– nail Polish resistant to abrasion, crushing, chipping

– the formula allows water and air to penetrate the nail plate so that the nail remains in excellent condition

– the shape of the brush perfectly adapts to any type of nail

– thanks to the brush, it is possible to apply the nail polish perfectly, without leaving streaks

– removed with a standard nail polish remover

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