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Victoria Vynn Mega Base Nude & Long Nails 8ml

Victoria Vynn Mega Base Nude & Long Nails 8ml


New color – Nude

  • A new color has been added to the line of building bases, in a shade of nude

Mega Base Nude

  • The universal hybrid base is recommended for the superstructure, reconstruction and strengthening of the natural nail plate.
  • Perfect for extending nails on a template, even up to 7 mm.


  • Increases durability and adhesion of styling
  • Flexible, resistant to mechanical damage
  • It fills in any inequalities
  • Perfect for restorations
  • It does not run off and does not flood the cuticles
  • Natural manicure using only the base and top

Product features:

  • Consistency: dense, self-leveling
  • Tile type: any
  • Application: hybrid, gel, acrylic-gel styling
  • Extension to approx. 7 mm
  • Superstructure
  • Dispersion layer
  • Solubility in acetone


  • 48W LED lamp: 60 sec
  • 36W UV lamp: 120-180 sec


  • acetone, file, milling machine
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